Learning Spanish should be, and could be, FUN.

Or at least not some kind of torture you suffer just to squeak through the class with a grade that won't demolish your overall GPA, or get you out of the requirement for high school or college?

And if you love Spanish, why not get better faster? Or achieve beyond your own expectations, with minimal pain?

But it's not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you've let yourself get even a smidge behind in class.

All I do is worry about that stupid test!

I can't stop panicking!

With a little tutoring in Spanish, you can be knowledgeable and confident because you'll know you're prepared for tests and assignments, with the right knowledge and skills.

I did it!

I am a personal tutor and mentor - not a tutoring corporation that gives you a different tutor each time, or sees you as another sale in their call center.

My specialty is tutoring middle school, high school and college students.

When I become your tutor, I am also your mentor -- dedicated to your academic goals and committed to being your advocate and supporter.

And if you need a few minutes of help before you turn in that big assignment, or if you don't understand something from a test you took, you'll get my help at no charge, via email, text or telephone.

We'll work together toward YOUR GOALS ONLY, which may include:

  • Catching up, if you've fallen behind (a very painful place to be)
  • Improving your overall GPA by raising your Spanish grade
  • Becoming more proficient in Spanish because you love it
  • OR maybe you just want to meet college requirements so you don't have to suffer through foreign language classes in college. (If you can meet the requirements in high school, you'll save yourself a lot of grief in college.)

Once we identify your own unique goals, we'll work only toward meeting them as fast as possible, with no extraneous material or assignments unless you want it.

I'll provide a FREE first introductory tutoring session, to determine how we "match," and to identify your goals. If it's not for you, you pay nothing.

Learning and working and achieving goals should be as fun, fast and interesting as possible. We're so much more effective when it's enjoyable vs. being a drudgery. That's my goal for you.

Let's set up your FREE session now! jeffriestory@me.com

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