I am a competent tutor who is caring, energetic, educated and skilled -- one who quickly bonds with teens and young adults and who is passionate about Spanish and learning.

Tapping into a student's learning style, challenging areas, personality and interests will enable the best learning experience and the fastest results.

My Qualifications:

  • BA from the University of Iowa, majoring in Spanish with minor in French
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude and with Honors in Spanish
  • 84 hours of foreign language, primarily Spanish, with a 4.0 in all language classes
  • Travel and immersion in Spanish-speaking countries, primarily South America and Mexico
  • Additional study at Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City
  • Teaching certification
  • High school teaching experience in Spanish I through Spanish IV Honors
  • Consistent involvement in Spanish Meet-Ups for advanced and native speakers
  • Special affinity with high school and college students
  • 99 percentile score in English on GMAT post-grad entrance test. (This proficiency DOES make a difference in learning and teaching a foreign language.)
  • I ONLY tutor Spanish, which brings you better expertise and focus

Don't tell me I have another Spanish test!

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