Where will we meet?

We'll meet at my house (near Indian Bend and Hayden, close to 101) or at Mustang Library or Civic Center Library, both in Scottsdale. If this is prohibitive, we can discuss.

For university/college students, we'll use either my home or another location that is convenient and quiet and offers parking.

We can also occasionally work online, but it's best to work in person, especially for pronunciation. Learning a foreign language is both knowledge transfer and experiential. In-person learning is more conducive to experiential learning and speaking/understanding.

What hours do you work?

I'll meet with you any time that isn't already scheduled on my calendar. I know your schedule is tight, and that tests and assignments can create urgency. I'll do my best to be available when you need me.

What pricing options do I have?

  • You will receive a FREE Introductory Session
  • You can purchase sessions individually or in a package with a Volume Discount
  • Bring 2-3 classmates in your same class for Group Learning, with special pricing.
I can send you other information. Just send me an email at jeffriestory@me.com.

How do you identify my learning style?

I'll provide you with an online questionnaire that's very easy and very helpful. There's no "right" or "wrong." Then we'll work on study methods and learning methods that match your style and make learning easier and faster.

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