For Parents

If you're reading this page, you undoubtedly have responsibility for a son or daughter you want to help. I can help, too.

Learning a foreign language can either be very difficult or full of fun. But regardless, I focus totally on meeting customized, individual goals. There are four most common goals that both students and parents want to achieve:

  • In High School and College: Improve overall GPA
  • In High School and College: Fulfill the language requirement.

    For high schoolers, this can be very helpful -- waiting to take a language requirement in college instead of completing it in high school can be excruciating and can affect GPA and stress level in college.

  • In Middle School and High School: The sooner a person learns a language, the easier it is. Pronunciation is also improved because students haven't "cemented" our English pronunciation sounds.
  • All grades: Improve Spanish expertise in general -- for travel, fun, communicating, etc.

I tutor Spanish I through IV Honors for high school students, and for college students I tutor in anything related to fluency and writing. Fluency includes grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. (I don't tutor regarding literature analysis.) Please review my qualifications on the About page.

I'll of course keep you informed of progress and direction. I'll also provide additional information prior to tutoring, and you're welcome to attend the first FREE Introductory Session.

Additional Note: Should you have a native speaker tutor your daughter or son? There are benefits to it, but make sure the person knows how to teach their native language, as well as speak properly. Speaking doesn't translate into effective teaching. That's the same reason that English speakers need to get certified in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) before teaching it.

Trust me, I'll study real hard LATER.

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