What You'll Get

We'll focus totally on your personal, specific goals in Spanish.

A mentor - I can become a mentor, helping develop both your Spanish language skills and your general academic goals, such as how to study better.

Total focus on what you need for the class you're taking. This may include conjugation, writing essays, use of the subjunctive, pronunciation, etc.

A specialization in middle school, high school and college students. I love this age group and connect with them well.

Classes: Spanish I, II, III, IV and Honors classes for High School Students. For college students, we'll work on undergrad classes in areas such as: Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading, conversation and comprehension, etc. ALL TUTORING IS FOCUSED ON YOUR PERSONAL GOALS AND NEEDS IN YOUR CLASS.

Tutoring in 1-hour segments.

Tracking each session, with what we covered and what your emphasis in your class would be most beneficial.

You'll also get some specific side benefits by working with me, which are:

  • Better study habits in general
  • Learning effective ways to increase results and study less
  • Better English grammar
  • Identification of learning style that fits you best, to make learning faster

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